Unified Communications & Video Conferencing

Communication is vital to productivity in the work place.  Employees need to be available at any given time to collaborate with team members & clients.  UC or Unified Communications isn’t a single product but a group of solutions that crate a single interface for end users.

Videoconferencing is common in offices today, but is widespread on college campuses as students not only learn through video content, but also learn how to utilize video as a communication tool.  So the trend of video in the office will only increase as graduates enter the workforce.

UC implementations can be costly & expensive if done “in-house”.  We will narrow the field & help forecast the implications your network, datacenter & overall communication strategy.

Here’s why businesses were pleased they implement videoconferencing @ the office:

  • Reducing the need to travel
  • Improved hiring & retaining top talent
  • Allows talent to work remotely
  • Increased productivity across dispersed workforces & teams
  • Supports “Green” Environmental Initiatives
  • Competitive Advantages

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